Here is a collection of Spotify playlists I have made for The Apartment and The Blank Canvas. I did a soundtrack for each book, as well as other playlists that are mentioned in the books that the main characters create and listen to on their iPods.

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1. Here's the first one, a definite must if you like a little mood music while you're reading. This is the soundtrack that I made for The Apartment. It's full of songs that either inspired certain scenes or came to mind after I re-read it. I put these songs in order as the story progresses, so I'd recommend listening to it straight through as is before trying it on random.

The Apartment Soundtrack 

2. Next up is the playlist that Lily rocks out to when she is hitting the treadmill at the gym. It's super long, but full of lots of different kinds of music. Pop, Rap, Rock, she's got a little bit of everything that's sure to get you moving. Throw this one on random and party.

Lily's Workout Songs 

3. Ethan likes loud, aggressive rock music when he's getting lost in the emotions of his painting.

Ethan's Painting Music 

4. Here's the playlist I know a lot of you have been waiting for! A little rough, a lotta sexy. Go check out what kind of music gets Ethan in the mood!

Ethan's Fuck Songs  

5. Now let's see what kind of songs get Lily in the mood! 

Lily's Sexy Songs  

6. Check out what music helps Lily relax while she's daydreaming of visiting New Zealand!

Kiwi Genius 

7. Here's the other soundtrack, for the sequel The Blank Canvas. Listen in order first!

The Blank Canvas Soundtrack

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