Monday, November 3, 2014

Exciting news!

I just heard from the publisher that in celebration of The Blank Canvas release this Wednesday we are offering the first part of the story, The Apartment, at a reduced rate of $1.99 for the first week, from 11/5 through 11/12. This is a great time to pick it up if you haven't yet and then you'll be all set for the sequel!

The Blank Canvas is actually available for pre-sale already at most major online retailers, but for some reason it's not live on Amazon yet. I'm hoping it should be up there by tomorrow. However, if you prefer nook, iBooks or Kobo I have links up to pre-order posted on my books page.

Coming 11/5/2014!
Ethan is gone, but Lily will never be the same.
She’s done living her life for other people. She moves out of her father’s house. She starts saying yes to drinks with friends.
But there’s one thing she won’t give up: the apartment, where her and Ethan spent countless passion-filled hours. They never exchanged names, but their relationship was more real than anything they had ever experienced in their lives.
Ethan left to give Lily a chance to be happy. But consumed with thoughts of her, he can’t help wondering if he made a huge mistake. Ethan’s looking for a second chance, and this time, all his cards are on the table. Can their love survive the real world?
The Blank Canvas is the passionate climax to Amanda Black’s The Apartment.

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