Friday, November 7, 2014

Who is this beautiful Ethan?

Earlier this week I read a truly lovely book review of The Apartment by The Book Wranglers blog. You can read the whole review here if you like. Anyway, one of the things that I found really fun was that they actually cast models/actors as the characters when they talked about them. I have always loved sharing a little bit of pic-spiration, but I've never seen a book blog do it and I loved it.

Now, the girl they cast as Lily was a lovely photo of Jessica Alba. I had never pictured her as Lily before but hey, not gonna knock it, she's freaking hot. Don't you agree?

However, it is the mystery hotness who they cast as Ethan that is blowing me away. Now, I've never been shy about the fact that Ethan was originally modeled after Rob Pattinson, at least in the face. This old Vanity Fair pic was one of the biggest jump starters for my imagination. I just loved the broken, sad look on his face.

However, it's true that he doesn't quite match Ethan's looks physically. He's so tall and lanky and I had always pictured Ethan a little bulkier and more filled out. 

Enter this mysterious piece of yummy deliciousness that the lovely people at Book Wranglers cast as Ethan. I have no idea who it is! Is he an actor? A model? Enquiring minds want to know!! 


Now tell me that he doesn't fit Ethan on ALL counts? His eyes even look green! (or close enough) Wouldn't you like to walk into an apartment and find this guy painting in nothing but some low hanging jeans? Sign me up. 

So for any of you who haven't read The Apartment yet but are planning on it(still on sale for $1.99 until next Wed, just sayin), picture this beautiful man, whoever he may be. (Seriously, who is he???)

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