Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's not enough just to write a book

So you've written a wonderful book. That should be the hard part, right? WRONG!

I thought I had everything in the bag when my first book The Apartment was published last month. Just lie back and watch the royalty checks come in. Well, aside from the fact that I had a fairly lucky run with getting hooked up with a great digital publisher, now I have to actually find time to make people want to read it. I'm horrible at self-promotion. While inside I have this bloodthirsty sales monster dying to get out and scream, "BUY MY BOOK! IT'S THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD! NOBODY CAN LIVE WITHOUT THE STEAMY SEXUAL AWAKENING INSIDE!" in reality I'm much more likely to post a passive aggressive blurb somewhere saying, "Oh hey guys, I kinda wrote something, too. Maybe check it out? If that's not too much trouble."

And now, as if finding time to actually write anything new isn't hard enough while juggling a full time job, I also need to find time to be my own publicist and pimp, pimp, pimp. I'm too new and too cheap to pay anyone to do anything fancy for me, so until now I've just been posting a few pic inspirations for my book on tumblr and some quotes here and there. I even got creative and made my own little teaser pic for my lead character because I'm always so envious of the lovely, polished ones that are sprouting up all over facebook.

Not total crap, but I know it's not the best out there.

So, all of this has finally led me here, because anybody who is anybody blogs, my darling. Now I am finding myself writing about writing rather than actually working on something new. This is definitely going to take some getting used to, and I hope if any of you dear readers are silly enough to follow me along it will eventually get smoother and I'll work out the kinks. I'm always up for suggestions if you think anything is sorely lacking around here, but just bear in mind that I'm teaching myself all of this as I go.

I really don't know how some writers do all of this all the time. I've spoken with many who balance writing, working, pimping out to the extreme, reading, reviewing, and even traveling to book tours. When do they sleep?? I am in awe. I can only hope to be in such a demand one day that I'm kept hopping like that. (Hey, maybe I could actually say goodbye to the day job!)

So, now that I think about it, BUY MY BOOK!! ;-)

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